Tuesday, March 03, 2009

An ex-Republican defends Rush.

I have been watching, reading, and listening to the news for the last month with a steady and growing uneasiness. At some point since the inauguration hunting season has opened up on Rush Limbaugh. He is in the news every single day...and generally not of his own volition. A few weeks ago he said that he wanted President Obama to fail, if, failing meant that his legislative goals would not pass. How is this news? I am sure that we all understood that the Democrat Party hoped president Bush would fail, if, failure meant that his agenda would not pass. I echo Rush's sentiments...I do not want President Obama's agenda to make any headway. I hope that it all falls apart, and that his goals fail miserably.
My personal perspective on this is that this is an attempt by the Democrat Party (and by default their acolytes in the media) to drive a wedge between the Republican Party in general (who do no listen daily to Rush) and the conservative wing of the Republican Party who parrot Rush's philosophy. The idea here is to kill, or at the very least to marginalize, the Republican Party. If you can sever the Party from it's philosophical base...than the party has no ground to stand on. In many ways the Republican Party has already stepped off of it's base and walked away...but there is still a tether connecting the two...and that tether is talk radio and pundits like Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Glen Beck.
(I cannot put Sean Hannity in this company because he has long been too staunch a party man...and maybe these others have fallen into that trap too, but less so)
In any case if the Republicans fall into the trap that the Democrats and media has set for them by cannibalizing their base, the Party will be dead for all intents and purposes. The shell that remains will be worthless as the principles and planks which have long guided and supported us will have been torn up and used as kindling in the fire of socialism which burns in Washington, DC.
Rush Limbaugh is not important as it pertains to elections but what he says is important for the soul of the party. His words are spiritual fodder for the conservative masses...if the Party chooses to sever the tether that connects them to the base...I shudder to think what would happen.

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