Monday, March 16, 2009

Fiction in the White House.

* A must read article from Charles Krauthammer on President Obama's love affair with science...fiction.
* Definitive proof that President George W. Bush is President Barack H. Obama's model on everything Presidential.
* Anybody notice that President Obama's approval ratings are roughly the same as President Bush's from the same time period in 2001? Only difference? Obama's are dropping like a rock!
* A judge has forced a North Carolina woman to stop home schooling and send her kids to public school. The reason? She teaches with a religious slant. The judge believes this to be a "good opportunity" for her kids to "be tested in the beliefs she has taught them". The worst part? (Other than the blatant abuse of judicial powers...and the razing of this poor woman and her children's rights) Her kids have tested 2 grade levels higher than their public school counterparts!
* The way a class act behaves...

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