Monday, March 09, 2009

Violent Democrats

Charlie Rangel wants the American people to mind their "own damn business". Ok, Mr. Rangel...since we are paying your salary we would like to know why you don't pay your taxes? If you don't want to tell us...give us our money back. Oh, and go to jail.

* More Democrat violence, a Chicago Alderman attacks one of his constituents.

* Who's ready to move to New Zealand?
* Is there reason to Paul Krugman's madness? The dude is still an idiot.
* Jim Cramer still taking heat for standing up to the "One".
* A CNN correspondent is the communist party candidate in El Salvador.
* Republicans say "let the banks fail".
* Maine RINO's Snowe and Collins want the base to join them!
* Connecticut wants to regulate the Catholic Church. Massachusetts wants to tell you what kind of car to drive.
* The "Fairness Doctrine" Redux.
* Hugo Chavez wants the President to follow his lead.
* "Going Galt".
* President Obama again agrees with President Bush.
* Poll shows that most Democrats wanted President Bush to fail too.

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