Friday, March 13, 2009

Bailouts and Bull****

FRIDAY MARCH 13TH - DREW CARREY WITH JOHN STOSSEL ON ABC'S 20/20! Bailouts and Bull****! John Stossel will cover some of the most controversial subjects using common sense and the ideals of freedom. If you want to understand libertarianism...this is the show to watch.

* Randall Forsyth over at Barrons explains that ignoring the proponents of the Austrian School is what got us in our current economic mess. follows up and lays it out.
* Milton Friedman gets smeared by the Huffington sounds like business as usual for HuffPo.
* Remember how bad things were a couple of weeks ago when the President said "we might be in deep s***"? Okay...maybe he didn't use those words...but you get the picture. Well he is reversing course... apparently, everything is now, just fine.
* The brilliant Mark Sanford clashes with the race-baiting hate-monger James Clyburn.
* Maxine Waters (Democrat from California) is a dirty, lying, hypocritical, cheat.
* Police shoot an unarmed college student in the chest during a drug raid. If he dies it will just be another casualty of the drug war.
* The pretense of airport security by the venerable Robert Higgs.

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