Friday, March 06, 2009

Republicans moving in the "right" direction?

"Writes Thomas A. Olson:
You write: "The American Spectator is alarmed. Rush Limbaugh sounds like LRC. The American Conservative has temporarily dropped its love of protectionism to warn of dollar inflation. The love of war has gone AWOL at National Review. The Heritage Foundation is warning that government spending and taxation are driving us to ruin. Pat Buchanan is defending the free market."
Earthquakes, floods, dogs and cats sleeping together. Indeed it must be the End Times."

Anyone who reads just one post on this blog will quickly realize on what side of the ideological line I my opinion on this subject may be a little...skewed. I happen to think that conservatism fits very nicely with libertarianism. I think that now that the Republican Party is the minority party you will see much more of this kind of grandstanding. Republicans will once again be the party that speaks of smaller government, more personal freedom, less protectionism, and much less hawkish on war (unless we are victim to another terrorist attack). Now if the Republicans were back in power...their actions would more than likely be very different from their words...but for now, the rhetoric will be classic conservatism.

* The Senate wants to give the FDIC a $500 Billion loan! What's another half trillion? Republicans call for a spending freeze.
* The Dow has tumbled down by 20%! The Wall Street Journal says that Obama's radicalism is killing the Dow!
* The stock market is not fond of the new President.
* This study concludes that the Democrat pushed "card-check bill" will cost 600,000 American jobs.
* The CATO Institute shows how Obama's tax the rich plan will hurt the middle class.
* President Obama's "fiscally responsible budget" will add $4 trillion to the defecit within four years.
* The President is addicted to two things...tobacco and his teleprompter.
* The government's dirty little secret.
* The Common Sense of Rush Limbaugh.
* DL Hughley's show on CNN has been canceled. I hope I didn't cause this man his livelihood.
* Iraq is thriving!

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Metsfan8 said...

Ha! Yes, DL Hughley's moronic quips will not be tolerated.....way to go Communist News Network!
It's funny that everytime Obama opens his mouth, the stock market dips further and further. We have fallen below the November '08 low, and there is every reason to believe we will test a new, record low(record percentage drop anyways). Also, the Senate needs to make sure that all the money there throwing around is going to help us first before they decide to hand out more money.

Obama's tax plan is unrealistic! There is no way to tax the top 5% and expect a large return to help balance any type of budget. It may be 1 year, 2 years, or longer, but sooner or later the middle class will be taxed at heights not seen before. People believe that you can collect enough money from one group, and it will somehow help. What's happening now is a delay of the inevitable.....all taxes, across the board will be raised.....for everyone! Capital gains on all investments will be raised, including the gains from selling your house! How ridiculous is this?! Obama is going to drive this country to the bottom of the barrel. His policies will tear us down faster than any SMART policies would have lifted us.