Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sanford in 2012?

With the Republican Party looking for leadership there is one clear place to turn... Ron Paul. What? No Republican is willing to be honest with themselves and realize that the man is nigh incorruptible? No Republican is willing to consider that he may have been right about the war in Iraq? The real answer is, most Republican politicians are just like Democrat politicians...all they care about is keeping their job and making money by fleecing the people with their "pet projects". (PORK) If we won't listen to Ron Paul...then I have an alternative. His name is Mark Sanford... and he could well even win us the Libertarian vote. Mark Sanford is a man of principle and action...I think he's our guy.
* Stand up for capitalism!
* When it comes to foreign relations, the President is over his head. Imagine if President Bush had made all of these gaffes...he would have been roasted!
* Reason.com has a way for you to get in on the billions of $$$$ in stimulus money that is floating around out there. Check the link here.
* Ask the economists how to fix things.
* From Thomas Sowell: "Why should taxpayers who live in apartments, perhaps because they did not feel that they could afford to buy a house, be forced to subsidize other people who could not afford to buy a house but who went ahead and bought one anyway?"
* Someone threw a shoe at the President of Iran...still funny?
* California has issues.
* How to stop the Drug Wars.
* My hometown paper FINALLY decides (with readership dropping like a rock) that it's time to be less biased! It has always amazed me that the major paper in Atlanta, GA could be one of the most liberal papers in the country and survive...but now that it is dying its editors have decided to move to the middle.
* Could the "Echelon Conspiracy" be the worst move ever made? A strong maybe...
Great spoof picture from instapundit.

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