Thursday, December 03, 2009

Fixing the System

Nick Gillespie at Reason.tvexplains how to "fix" the healthcare system without stripping the rights of the American citizen and forcing some people to pay for other people's healthcare.

More on this from Ed Morrissey at
"Instead of pursuing more third-party interventions, we should be removing third parties and reintroducing normal price signals for the health-care market. That would not only reduce costs, but it would also increase supply and make demand more rational" and "The same argument can be based on the cosmetic-surgery market, too. Most cosmetic surgery does not get covered by insurance, and as a result, providers compete for customers, customers get clear price signals, and providers rush into the market to fill demand, lowering cost and improving technology."

* When did Switzerland become Saudi Arabia?
* Great piece from a Stanford alumnus that sets the record straight on Lincoln, Corporate Welfare, and Government run education.
* Senator Barbara Boxer doesn't care about the lies spilling out of the "Climategate" emails... what she cares about is the people who hacked the emails.
* The main-stream media has fallen so far that now Jon Stewart has "scooped" them on the Climategate scandal!
* A Climate researcher says that NASA is "hiding" climate data.
* How can we allow police to keep using tasers on children?!? More here.

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