Friday, November 13, 2009

Fascism is alive and well...

Just a quick note to mention... you do realize that if the House version of the Healthcare Bill passes through the Senate... you could go to jail for refusing to participate?
Basically, what will happen is this; if you refuse coverage you will be forced to pay a fine, but continued refusal to sign up for coverage will be met with prison time... up to 3 YEARS!
Hello? Is anyone watching out there?

* Democrat admits that the healthcare bill is Unconstitutional.
* Nancy Pelosi thinks jail time is fair for people who would not sign up for healthcare. In fact, healthcare is the Democrats CHRISTMAS present to America!

A quick look at how the President is "helping" us fix that pesky unemployment thing. By the way, notice where the President thought we would be without his "help". (Better off?)

From Big Government

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