Tuesday, October 07, 2008

"Swing Voter eats own Brain!"

I cannot understand the swing voter. This person who is unsure (even today) of who they will vote for. I understand being a swing voter in a primary, and I can even understand being a swing voter at the beginning of an election campaign but with a month to go...? In this article from the Wall Street Journal, swing voters expressed their concerns and reasons for being undecided. How can a person who acknowledges not knowing who they will vote for because they aren't "too political", believe that one candidate is better than the other on any issue? This is how the main stream media decides elections...uneducated voters who watch the 6:30 national newscast on occasion, make decision off of what the newscaster tells them. That doesn't strike fear in anyone else's heart? This is the reason are Founding Fathers saw fit to create the Electoral College...which is now in danger of being abolished (thanks to a couple of close elections). I don't know what the answer is, but this is a problem that affect all of America.
* From Neal Boortz:
"Right now about 70% of existing jobs in the American economy are in small businesses. Eighty percent of all new jobs are now being created by small businesses. If we want our economy to turn around we need these small business men and women to do the heavy lifting. These small business owners generally report their business income on their individual income tax returns. Are you with me so far here? This isn't all that difficult, but then again we are dealing with people who were educated by the government here. OK ... so we have small businesses creating eight out of ten new jobs ... and along comes Barack Obama who promises to raise income taxes on these people! This amazing super-human wants to bring back jobs by raising the taxes on the very people we will depend on to create those jobs! What an amazing concept!
Now Barack Obama knows he's vulnerable here ... so he cranks up the teleprompters and tells the people he is going to cut capital gains taxes on America's small businesses. Well isn't that just so very special? The problem is, these small businesses don't pay capital gains taxes. They pay income taxes ... the taxes The Chosen One wants to raise! Most of the Obama-bots are fooled. Are you?"
* Joe Biden, the man who told us (and I paraphrase) "Paying higher taxes is Patriotic!", show that he doesn't practice what he preaches.
* Could you be friends with Bill Ayers? A very thoughtful and insightful piece from the National Review Online. CNN actually "reporting" on Obama's string of lies about his relationship with Ayers.
* Barney Frank wants you to know that if you blame him and Congress for the mortgage failures (or anything else)...it is racist! Again with the racism? A person can only take so much of the hate speech...is no one else getting tired? Oh, and Barney...this might have more to do with why people are blaming you.
* Media Bias?
* The Saturday Night Live skit that disappeared from NBC's archives! Playing politics, anyone?

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