Saturday, October 18, 2008

ACORN-y Moments.


* Could ACORN cost Obama the election?
* Straight from the horse's mouth. Watch and hear Mr. Obama say that ACORN and it's allies will shape policy during his presidency.

* ACORN is a group that should worry Americans.
* Is this just the tip of the Iceberg?
* Will somebody at ACORN PLEASE go to Jail!!!
* The FBI is investigating the string of illegal activities perpetrated by ACORN.
* The newest case of ACORN fraud, this one out of New Mexico...and guess who is defending ACORN by accusing Republicans of suppressing the vote...the New York Times...big surprise.
Listen, i am tired of hearing how the Republicans are suppressing the vote by asking that voters present valid state ID. If you can register to vote you can get a license. In fact, i'll make this easy...go to your DMV get your license (or ID Card) and register to vote at the same time...yes, the DMV can do that! It is ridiculous that we allow Joe Schmoe to walk in off the street claim to be any random person and say "Well, go vote!" we are learning there are people who will use our good intentions against us...and they vote Democrat.
* Voter fraud that ACORN doesn't have a direct link to (that I know of). Some sick scumbag who was supposed to be helping a mentally-challenged person vote, instead stole his vote and cast it for...guess who? The man wanted to vote McCain and was forced to watch as his "helper" voted for Obama.

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