Saturday, October 25, 2008

What if...?

As you know I am supporting Chuck Baldwin for President this election...and the following is a letter written by another supporter about how we, the American voter can make a difference...if we try.

"Dear Friends of Liberty,

What if...

The people had a candidate for President who will...
Secure the border within 30 days of taking office
Protect the unborn
Get the U.S. out of the U.N.
Get the federal government out of education
Keep his oath of office
What if...
... we had the numbers to elect that candidate - Chuck Baldwin?

You should be aware that in the last few weeks I have been contacted by and been in contact with a number of Ron Paul supporters who have been bluntly snubbed by their local Republican establishments. There is growing support in Idaho for Chuck Baldwin among supporters of Ron Paul and the Campaign for Liberty and particularly since Ron Paul has endorsed Chuck directly.

In addition, we continue to find among many conservatives a distaste for McCain but a morbid fear of Obama. The leadership of the Constitution Party addresses these concerns on a daily basis. As members and supporters of the Constitution Party and its principles - or as Republicans who believe in principle over party - we know who we are and have become accustomed and resistant to the pressure to vote for the "lesser of two evils." We have many would be supporters however, who are not. They want to vote for Chuck Baldwin - but need a little help.

We have a refuge and an opportunity for those supporters in

What if...
there were enough people in a city or county to win that area for Chuck Baldwin?
there were enough voters in one state to capture its electoral votes?
there was enough latent support for Chuck Baldwin that was just waiting to come forward - with the right incentive?

Who is for?
It is for those of us who are already voting our conscience. By putting our own names and numbers on the list, we build on the base of support that is already there.
It is for those who like our platform and candidates and would vote for them if THEY perceived a chance that they were not throwing their votes away.
Here is the important matter - and one of long term significance.

Start building the movement.
Sign up yourselves and tell everyone you know that you are voting for Chuck Baldwin
If you blog on a regular basis or use email a lot, make a link to or put it in your signature line.
Share with groups with whom we would have a natural affinity:
Ron Paul supporters nationwide
Gun rights groups
John Birch Society members
Church groups
Natural health and vitamin practitioners
Homeschool groups
We can think of many more...
When a state of critical mass is reached in an area, we will contact the members of the list and let them know - it is time to act and vote their conscience!

I know this may seem like a long shot - and you may have questions, but let me share this promise - not trying will guarantee it's a long shot! By building this effort, we may find more support than we expect, and in the long term, this movement may bring along a much greater interest in and support for the the principles of Liberty and yes, maybe even the Constitution Party.

I hope you will support and build on this movement. If there is one more thing I would ask, it is to pray for the Republic, our time is short. I trust that as we do all that we can do, we may have the assistance, like our nation's founders did, in Divine Providence to preserve our freedom and inalienable rights.

In God We Trust.

For Liberty,

Paul Venable - Chairman
The Constitution Party of Idaho

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