Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is there still "Hope"?

* Hope for the future? It seems that the Democrat grip on the American people may be slipping this campaign season, however, that's not exactly helping in this election. And if you are a McCain supporter (or Obamaphobe) then this should brighten your outlook on the upcoming election.
* If Obama wins the Presidential election in 4 days, we will deserve exactly what we get.
* While the most of the rest of the world may be pulling for Obama (including al-Qaeda), the Iraqi people are begging the American people to vote for John McCain. The Iraqi's deserve better than Obama (or McCain...and so do we for that matter), hopefully this sways a few Americans to at least not vote for Obama.
* The Obamessiah's Obamamercial was a FLOP.
* More evidence that an Obama win could mean a crushing blow for the first Amendment...the Obama campaign has kicked several newspapers that did not endorse him off of his campaign plane. (The Washington Times thinks something is fishy.) Obama's campaign says it has to do with not being able to fit everyone on one campaign only question is then why is it the only media outlets kicked off the plane were ones that endorsed McCain?
* Comrade Obama?
* Fairness or Marxism?
* Charles Krauthammer now trying to make the domestic issue case for John McCain.
* A beautiful obituary for the end of balanced and honest journalism.
* Why we need more 3rd Party involvement...or "the wisdom of Jesse Ventura."
* Someone else who thinks Paul Krugman's Nobel Prize win is "crapola".
* Motorcycle driving in the USA is deadlier for Marines than being on the ground in combat in Iraq. Interesting.

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