Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Obama Campaign Lies.

If Terrorist William Ayers, Racist and Anti-American Jeremiah Wright, Genocidal Raila Odinga, and Voter Defrauding ACORN don't matter...then why does Mr. Obama try so hard to distance himself from them? The dirty little secret is, if Obama admitted his true ties to these people and groups...he wouldn't sniff a victory in this election.
His newest lie about a connection to Terrorist William Ayers is debunked.
And his generally unreported connection to a mass murderer...
* Here it is, the comprehensive and complete argument to why Barack Obama should not be President.
* Thomas Sowell brilliantly expounds on the danger of trusting the polls.
* Libertarian candidate Bob Barr says that the McCain campaign is scared of him.
* To continue the theme of Mr. Obama's campaign lying...here is a look at what his "tax cuts" really mean. A side by side comparison of Obama and McCain's tax proposals.
* Can you trust the polls? Or are the polls killing our democratic republic?
* Can we really hope that what we are viewing is the death of the mindless, spineless Republican Party and the "rebirth" of Conservatism?
* Not everyone has bought into the media manufactured Republican rage.
* Obama supporters "praying" he will be someone different than who he has been...
* We should be choosing a President we "know" can handle these times...(not that I think McCain can...but I know Obama can't.)
From IBD cartoonist Micheal Ramirez

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