Friday, October 03, 2008

Who won the VP Debate?

After a bruising defeat in slow pitch softball, I returned home last night to watch the VP debate with my beautiful wife. I have to admit that I was worried at the start...Joe Biden is a skilled and articulate debater, and Palin was an unknown quantity in a National debate. That being said, I really felt like Governor Palin held her own. I wouldn't say that she won the debate, but it was at least a tie with both sides scoring points but neither delivering a knockout. I felt that Palin's weakest moments were those when Biden would attack McCain and Palin would respond with her own record...perhaps the campaign should have had her study more of McCain's past? I also felt that her strong moments were brighter that Biden's. When she pressed the attack on Obama by recognizing that even Biden thought Obama was dangerous for our country, that was a wicked uppercut from the Governor. Sadly, she did not deliver many moments like that. I had hoped she would really push McCain's attempts at greater regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac...and the fact that Obama and his supporters fought McCain on regulation because they felt that Fannie and Freddie were doing GREAT! I had also hoped that she would expound more on Obama's stance on the SURGE, and continued to hit on Biden's attacks on Obama. All in all, I think the base was satisfied but McCain has got to get his message out to Independents...he is Mr. Independent after all. He should let Palin go around the country hitting rural areas and working the base into a frenzy...and he should take Joe Liebermann and head for the Independent sections of the country to prove to them that he is the man to vote for. More fire is needed...
* Pat Buchanan again articulates truth with every scrawl of his pen. Mr. Buchanan is exactly right, and reiterates my arguments for not being able to vote for John McCain. Just a year ago, we were calling for McCain's head and today the Party lines up like loyal puppies to receive his blessing. The Republican Party seems to be attempting to take the mantle of "Party of the Hypocrites" from the Democrats. Here is some more "proof" that McCain makes too many also happens to be proof that Obama is not change but business as usual.
* You might be surprised to read which candidates get the most money from different fields of industry.
* More about Gwen Ifill's liberal tendencies...what bothers me here is the way Professor Sherrilyn Ifill calls Governor Palin a "privileged woman". She uses it is a derogatory term and acts as if Sarah Palin was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her parents were teachers in a small town, she paid for college by working the beauty pageant circuit and with scholarships, and her husband owned a business and worked for an oil company. How exactly can she be considered "privileged"? Because she and her husband worked their butts off to make a comfortable living? Gwen Ifill's "brilliant" baby cousin seems like an race baiting, class warfare waging, femi-nazi hypocrite to me. She is obviously more "privileged" than the Governor.
* It seems McCain has decided Michigan is unwinnable, he is pulling his resources from the Wolverine State...but it might be to take a shot at stealing Minnesota!
* Another close friend of Obama under investigation...this is getting a little ridiculous. Someone probably needs to check out the Chosen One himself...
Do you want to watch to loudmouths yell at each other for a few minutes? Well too bad because I am posting this video of Bill O'Reilly vs. Barney Frank. The worst part of this is that Bill could have really knocked Barney for a loop, if he would have stayed calm and stuck to the issues...a lost opportunity.

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