Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obamathon...keep sending in your money...don't make me come out there and take it!

Ed Gamble from
* Didn't watch Obamessiah's infomercial last night? No's a recap, though a little warning....there is not much there, there.
* Oh by the way, Mr. Obama would still like you to send your money in voluntarily...he can't actually force you to send it until January.
* If the Latino community was paying attention, they would realize that their best "Hope" for realizing their "American Dream" is the Republican Party.
* How far would Democrats go to bring down "Joe the Plumber"? Why they would break the law...and they did.
* An argument for voting John McCain by a person who does not want to vote for John McCain. It seems to me that far too many Americans are voting this way. Whether they vote for Mr. Obama because they buy into some kind of nebulous "change" argument or they vote for McCain because they worry about the kind of "change" Mr. Obama may bring...they are voting out of a lack of options. This feels like the right time to tell you again...these are not the ONLY 2 CANDIDATES running! If like me, you are a conservative who has been left by the wayside by an uncaring and cold Republican should consider my candidate...Mr. Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party. Or perhaps you a little more liberal on certain social issues...then you may turn to Bob Barr of the Libertarian Party. Or if you are crazy you may turn to Ralph Nader or Cynthia McKinney...but please don't do that.
* Guess who's a Republican?! I would have never guessed...
* I love any article that points out that Keith Olbermann is a hate-filled clown.
* Obama's probable choice for Assistant Attorney General (and head of the civil rights division) says that even if you vote for Obama, you are still a racist (oh, if your white...because only you white folks can actually be racist).
* HUGE NEWS on the endorsement front...McCain snags bigtime endorsement from a major former Obama donor!!
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