Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just 23 days to go!

* More direct evidence of an intimate Obama-Ayers connection. Mr. Obama just happens to be very good friends with an anti-American pro-Palestinian Professor at Columbia (by the name of Rashid Khalidi)...and this Professor just happens to be very, very good friends with the terrorist Bill Ayers. As an aside, this article also enlightens us to the fact that the "expert" on education, terrorist Bill Ayers, uses Khalidi in some of his books on how to "politicize" education. Are you starting to realize that the liberal education agenda is to indoctrinate, not educate?

End of American Capitalism?

* Proof the Joe Biden is not as well versed on the issues as the Democrats claim him to be.
* More proof that John McCain was not the guy that should have been picked by the GOP.
* I am quickly becoming a Ruben Navarette fan, as he keeps pumping out articles that I find insightful, logical, and relevant. I especially appreciate his last two paragraphs...
" A survey last month by the Pew Hispanic Center found that just 23 percent of Latinos supported McCain, while 66 percent backed Obama. A third said that immigration would influence their vote. Fifty percent said Obama was the better candidate on that issue, while 12 percent said that about McCain.
Let's recap: McCain jeopardized his political career by fighting for the comprehensive immigration reform supported by Latinos. Meanwhile, according to Rev. Luis Cortes -- another participant in the documentary and president and CEO of Philadelphia-based Esperanza USA, the country's largest Hispanic faith-based community development corporation -- Obama has recently tried to lower expectations by warning groups that, if elected, he probably won't get around to immigration reform in the critical first 100 days of his administration.
I understand brand loyalty, in this case to the Democratic Party. I just didn't realize it caused blindness."
* Here's an article on Sarah Palin's radical right wing associations! I read through this and found that the only thing radical about this guy was his desire for Alaska to secede from the USA. Apparently, liberals believe that being anti-tax, pro-gun, pro-"traditional" family...makes you a radical right wing. And we crazy conservatives consider guys like terrorist Bill Ayers is We are scared of terrorists and the liberals are scared of average Americans...explains a lot.
* When it comes to attacking the Democrat Party, it does kind of feel like Salem in the 1600's...

* Oh, I saved the very BEST for last. The peanut farming, anti-Semite idiot calls out the President on the economy...and i'm not kidding. The man apparently has gone senile and forgotten that the American people were much harder hit by his economic policies in the 1970's and early 80's than we are now. Times may be tough but those years were horrific...Jimmy Carter is a clown. And Jimmy just so you know, deregulation is not the big dummy, it started with you.
I detest you Jimmy Carter, you have done more in your lifetime to tear down our country, than an army of terrorists hell bent on our destruction could do in the same amount of time.

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