Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trouble on the Horizon?

* Just another reason John McCain is not the right man to lead the Republican Party. On too many issues his views are closer to Obama than conservative principles.
* Hmmm...proof negative advertising works.
Here's the ad:

* Guess who is happy that Obama looks poised to win...the Communist Party. Seriously, it does not bother folks that included among Obama supporters are the Communist Party, terrorist Bill Ayers, racist Louis Farrakhan (as well as Jeremiah Wright), voter fraud kings ACORN, etc., etc., etc.?
* Obama actually tells the truth, for once...but it's bad news for you.
* Another Obama lie, "I foresaw the crisis in the mortgage market!"...then why exactly when Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac regulation came for a vote on the Senate floor did Mr. Obama vote "present"? Not for or against...but present. Nice.
* The Democrat Party is lying to the people of Georgia! Their target? Saxby Chambliss and the Fair Tax.
* Even the world's biggest clown recognizes the irony of the socialization of our country by a Republican President.
* The answer isn't raising taxes, it's cutting spending.

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