Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jewish and Latino vote should be anti-Obama...

* Our media doesn't know what negative advertising is. I think a strong argument can be made that the media actually has a hand in making the general population, less informed.
* Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard says we should be very worried of electing a completely liberal government.
* Here is the case against Barack Obama for Jews and Latinos...Why Latinos should vote against Barack Obama. Why Jews should vote against Barack Obama, more from the LA Times. And still more reasons for Jews to vote against Obama, from the lips of Jesse Jackson...
* Jeremiah Wright is a legitimate campaign issue and it needs to be discussed. I would also say that the Terrorist William Ayers, and Obama's connections to Rashid Khalidi and the PLO are also important and issues that need to be discussed.
* Another Obama friend we should be asking questions about is Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga. This could be the worst of the "just an acquaintance" list. There is substantial evidence that Mr. Obama and Mr. Odinga are a lot more than just acquaintance's.
* Listen to the professionals. Just like most economists were against the bailout, many acclaimed economists are against Mr. Obama's tax plan.
* Because if you are black and not voting Obama, you have to explain yourself!

* Paul Krugman did not deserve the Nobel Prize in economics.
* David Limbaugh says "the voters still have time to wake up". I just don't see the American people ever waking up...
* Is it the end of "we the people"?

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