Friday, October 24, 2008

Karl Marx is making a comeback.

* The Democrat Party needs to wake up (and so do some Republicans) and realize, that all the complaining about free market capitalism is having a serious effect on other parts of the world...look at what the kids are reading in Germany! John Stossel backs me up, and informs you that deregulation is not the problem.

* The financial markets are TERRIFIED of a President Obama...
* Fred Thompson tells it like it is...if you want to know what life under a President Obama would be like, watch the video.

* Charles Krauthammer lays out the best argument for voting for McCain (though he sounds a little reluctant). The man's strength is foreign policy and that is what he should be campaigning on, he should say, I am going to cut your taxes and spending and this is why no one is better than me on foreign policy...
* I can remember as a kid seeing my dad (an ol' Marine himself) in a khaki/green t-shirt that boldly proclaimed "Give 'em hell, Ollie!". As an adult having read and studied about the hero Colonel, he is to me, the last picture of a great man who stood for a cause (America) greater than himself. It used to be that Americans would rather die than betray the best interests of their we gladly hand over the best interests of our country for free healthcare, and other welfare "goodies". Off my soapbox's an article from the man himself...Oliver North.
* Obama's rhetoric is filled with "racy content".
* Ruben Navarette striking the logic gong!
* Here is a message for Sean Penn, hope he hears it!

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