Monday, October 13, 2008

Grrrr...I am, not really.

I am getting tired of the media's fascination with "angry" Republicans. For years those on the Left of the political spectrum have been marching (naked at times), yelling, looting(just watch the WTO protests), throwing fake blood, chanting the most horrid of phrases, burning effigy's, and calling conservatives murderers. Now, at some McCain rallies people are getting up and saying "I am angry!", and all of a sudden the right wing holds the anger mantle? Ridiculous. Even when they are winning the Democrats are angry...just look at the latest from Michelle Malkin.
* Holy crap! I wish I could write like this! Roger Kimball giving a passionate wrist slap to his good friend Christopher Buckley, over Buckley's endorsement of Obama. Kimball lays out a perfect argument for being anti-Obama and perhaps Mr. McCain should give him a call.
* Wake up American, Mr. Obama is lying when he says he will cut taxes for 95% of Americans. And, I do mean LYING! How is it possible, Mr. Obama, to cut taxes for 95% of the population when 47% of the working population already pay NO Federal income taxes!?! Apparently it's magic.
From Neal Boortz:
"Some plumber caught him in public without his teleprompter and started asking him some pointed questions about his tax plans. The Democrat/Socialist candidate told the plumber dude that he wanted to "spread the wealth around." Well excuse the ever-loving horsesqueeze out of me, but that wealth isn't the government's to "spread around" as Barack puts it. The wealth belongs to the people who earned it, and the government can't spread it around without first seizing it. Of course seizing that wealth from the evil high-achievers is something that appeals to a huge number of voters in this country.
You've heard people say that politicians derive power through the current tax code by creating winners and losers. This is what Obama has been proposing all along with his "reduce taxes on 95% of Americans" lie. What Obama really proposes to do is to create winners of the middle class by making losers of the high-achievers ... taking from the rich and giving to the poor."

* Michael Barone previews for us what the next four years would be like, if Obama wins the Presidency.
* Poetic truth about the degrading of real American values.
* Would you like to know the real reason the market has fallen apart just prior to this years election? One word...socialism. Another article to back this theory up.
* Zogby says the race for the White House is a statistical "dead heat", with Obama up by slightly less than 4%.
* Why hasn't a real conversation on race not happened yet? Because the liberal left knows that it would not help their chances for election...and that's all they care about.
* More voter registration problems, this time coming out of the Sunshine State. Over 30,000 felons are on the voter rolls in Florida (where convicted felons cannot vote).
* Would you like to know who really wrote Barack Obama's bestselling autobiography, "Dreams of my Father"? I will give you a hint...his name rhymes with Terrorist William Ayers...oh, wait...never mind about the rhymes thing.
* More proof that when a Republican does something wrong...he retires. When a Democrat gets caught in wrongdoing...he gets reelected! What a world...what a world...

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