Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Don't vote out of fear...

* Presidential Candidate Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party offers a convincing argument for not voting out of fear if you are a Christian.
* A writer for the Arizona Republic detailing why both parties should lose in November.
* Neal Boortz offers a scintillating argument to the undecided voter.
* The Wall Street Journal has seen Obama's plans in action before...look at what is happening in Argentina.
* The truth about Mr. Obama's tax (destruction) plan and small businesses. Do you want more bad news? Here is a quick glance at what Obamanomics would look like...
* You are not raising your child right, and Terrorist William Ayers can help you fix that problem.
* Well, at least they are consistent. It seems that all of the Weathermen (radical Terrorists who because of their rich, white, educated, upper-crust status don't have to pay for their crimes) are in agreement, Obama is the best guy for the job.
* Oh, those crazy polls. The AP now reports that McCain and Obama are TIED! Don't get too excited though because the polls are all over the board...
"Obama and McCain were essentially tied among likely voters in the latest George Washington University Battleground Poll, conducted by Republican strategist Ed Goeas and Democratic pollster Celinda Lake. In other surveys focusing on likely voters, a Washington Post-ABC News poll showed Obama up by 9 percentage points, while a poll by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center had Obama leading by 14. A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, among the broader category of people registered to vote, found Obama ahead by 10 points."
* A man who used to work for ACORN, says he "paid the price" for doing ACORN's bidding.
* Not all liberals are completely clueless.
* Do you need more proof that socialism still doesn't work? Here it is...
* Surprise, surprise...Mr. McCain gets more NEGATIVE attention from the media than Mr. Obama.
* I found a new favorite page...John Stossel's video page at ABC 20/20... The information that Stossel shares is something everyone should favorite are his new "Stossel's Guide to Politics" videos.

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