Thursday, October 09, 2008

Chris Matthews (Hearts) Barack Obama...

So the media is unbiased, right?... Think again, my friends.

* A surprising development in my political reading...I have found an eloquent writer who just happens to be an enlightened liberal. Please take the time to flip through the 4 pages of questions and answers and you will see what I mean.
* A not so surprising development in my political reading...Roland Martin is an idiot. If I could speak to him personally I would tell him that he was way off base. Mr. Obama's association with Bill Ayers is important to me...the man should be a pariah...but because of his left-leaning political beliefs he is a valued member of polite Chicago society. The man and his wife are as evil as Eric Rudolph/Terry McVeigh and should be treated as such. The comparisons of respected politicians to terrorists makes my stomach turn, you cannot try and compare the two...and it saddens/sickens me that you believe that McCain's service with them is equal to Obama's association with terrorists.
He advocated (and has not recanted) violence against our nation, and for Mr. Obama to be "friendly" with him, terrifies me.
If justice had prevailed over incompetence, the Ayers couple would have served many, many years in prison and would be relegated to history as the terrorists they are.
* Don't buy the hype that the media is trying to peddle! Barack Obama and John McCain are statistically tied...renowned pollster John Zogby says the race could still go either way. The reason things look locked up for Obama is that the media is trying to get Republican voters away from the polls by saying their candidate is done...don't buy the bull. Get out there and start recruiting voters...and make sure you vote too. Even if Mr. Obama was going to win in a runaway you don't change things by folding change things by sticking to your guns.
* I thought I would try to list all of the voter fraud investigations that ACORN (a community organizing group once affiliated with Obama) is involved in but found that I didn't have enough here are just a few. Oh by the way, thus far in this election season the Obama campaign has paid out over 800,000$ to ACORN nationally. Also, did you know that some of our tax dollars funnels into ACORN as well?
- Cleveland, Ohio...and ACORN's "flimsy" excuses.
- Las Vegas, Nevada
- Kansas City, Missouri
- Hartford, Connecticut
- Milwaukee, Wisconsin
- Crown Point, Indiana
- Indianapolis, Indiana
- Even the papers in good ol' New York, New York don't like what is going on.

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