Monday, October 20, 2008

Had you heard that someone shot at McCain's bus? Me neither...

* Can you imagine the uproar if someone had shot at the messiah Obama's bus (forget shot, if they had said harsh words in the direction of the bus)? Well, someone did shoot at the McCain/Palin bus, and did you hear about it on the news? Hmmm...double standard, anyone?
* Justice Clarence Thomas is a brilliant man who offers a brilliant point of view.
* The Economist magazine details a recent debate between Jim Martin and Saxby Chambliss, where the most surprising thing is that the Libertarian candidate Allen Buckley attacked Saxby for his support of the Fair Tax. The least surprising thing about the article was the author's obvious disdain for us southern folk and our religious preferences.
* Some people were surprised when Colin Powell endorsed Mr. Obama...why? General Powell served as a military advisor to three Republican Presidents, but that was by no means because of his political leanings. He was an important military figure who had earned his reputation and status by rising through the ranks of military command. His excellence as a military commander does not mean he is a Republican, but I find it odd that the Main Stream Media would seem to think it did. Republicans rely just as heavily on left-leaning military personnel as they do on conservative personnel or moderate personnel...he was a brilliant general and excellent military advisor. His short tenure as Secretary of State should have confirmed this, but apparently some were still surprised by his endorsement on Sunday.
* The British government is trying to "cure" terrorists.
* Freddie Mac paid $2 million to try and kill a GOP regulatory the end it wasn't necessary because NO Democrat supported the measure...NOT A SINGLE ONE.
* Should we be more optimistic? Bill Kristol thinks so.
* Sarah Palin did her turn on SNL, on Saturday night...I thought it went well. I could not get the clips to embed, but you might be able to find them at
* Jon Stewart called Sarah Palin divisive and then attacked her for her ideas, her beliefs, where she is from, and finished it off with a nice "F*** You!" ...and what do you think the readers of the liberal hate spewing blog Huffington Post thought? Why they concur.

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