Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Shuckster's and Charlatan's!

* The Shuckster's in the Media want you to believe that Joe Biden is much more intelligent than Sarah Palin, you should know the FACTS.
* Watch out for those Shuckster's who call you late at night claiming to be pollsters. They may very well be waiting to twist your words and push their messiah onto you.
* Barack Obama likes to give your money to his friends...Shuckster.
* Joe Biden likes to bold-face lie to the American people, he is what we call a Charlatan.
* Don't believe the Shuckster's out there who say "The sky is falling!", we won't be seeing a Depression any time soon.
* Why do the American people allow themselves to be blinded by the light that is Barack Obama? Because he is a master Charlatan, from the corrupt Chicago political machine...where all they teach is sleight of hand.
* How does Barney Frank keep getting elected? Well with answers like this, the truth must be smoke and mirrors...Charlatan.
* More proof that Shuckster Educators run our law schools...a Federal judge has ordered that terrorists being released from Gitmo should, get this, be released in the USA! Why? Because their home country's won't take them back...and nobody else wants them!
* As I have now proven, Barack Obama is a Shuckster and Charlatan! As he proved last night during the Presidential debate when he said "Medical Care is a right!". Unless, the Founding Fathers somehow forgot that one, no Mr. Obama, it is not.
The problem with hypocrisy:

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