Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mr. Obama is Mr. Abortion.

* Barack Obama is not pro-choice, he is PRO-ABORTION!
* I know I have said this before, but Barack Obama is lying...again. He has repeatedly said that he would have supported the "Born Alive" legislation in Illinois if it would have had a clause that continued to protect abortion rights. Well new research shows that the Illinois legislation that Obama voted down, did contain the clauses Obama said he wanted...and again...he still voted it down. To make matters worse, the main stream media is covering for Mr. Obama.
* Mr. Obama plans to take from the wealthy and give to the poor, a modern day "Robin Hood". He calls it "trickle-up" economics...we call it socialism...and it doesn't work.
* Liberal elite, trust-fund babies, born with silver spoons in their mouths are trying to steal your votes. This article is a must read and a must forward...Obama campaigners don't care if you disagree with them they will win at all costs even if that means voter fraud.
* Is the media biased? You betcha'! Once you read this article, try and imagine if the writer would have included MSNBC & CNN to the mix...those numbers which skew Democrat as it is...would turn into a Tidal Wave for the Democrat Party!
* Barack Obama's "plan" for the middle class...whoa boy...we are in some major trouble.
* Ted Nugent lays out a great campaign for Senator McCain...let's see if one of his not-so-brilliant campaign managers gives a listen.
* Senator Biden has apparently directed almost $2 million in campaign contributions to his family over the last few years...can anyone say "patronage"? I wonder if that is what his contributors expected him to do with the money?
* Obama supporters have been stealing people's identities to give him more campaign contributions...so, stealing our votes (voter fraud) isn't enough now they have to steal our money too?
* More proof that nationalized health care is a BAD thing.
* GLOBAL WARMING SCAM UPDATE: It seems that the Alaskan glaciers have grown this year...and we still have November and December to go!
* Obama's connections...aren't there just too many of these not to be important?
* The LA Times says that CNN was biased when reporting on Governor Palin.
* Yeah Canada! Canada actually became more conservative with yesterday's election...finally, some good news, huh?

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Benjamin said...

The voter fraud article and video is so outrageous. I am furious. How these people are not being arrested is incredible. This whole election is most likely going to be fradulent. Here we go again.