Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Gutless Wonders fill the Senate

Well the Gutless wonders in the Senate have passed the bailout bill....with "sweeteners". The new bill includes tax cuts for the Republican and spending increases for the Democrats. Great ideas guys, great idea. Don't blame these Senators, they voted against the bill. We are standing on the precipice of a "new America", and the Senate just nudged us in the wrong direction. I must admit to being a little disheartened today, looking at the latest poll numbers, watching TV, or reading the news...all of it seems to portents of an ominous future. I hope that the signs of the times are wrong.
* By the way, the people who actually know what they are talking about still think the plan is nuts.
* The Democrat Party will do anything, and I mean anything, to win.
* Do you want to know what the Democrat Party Leaders really think of us minorities...or you non-High School grads? They think we are idiots. And maybe most of us are because a majority of minorities and non-High School grads vote Democrat!
* Mo Rocca with some hilarious and yet terrifying reporting. Mo doesn't even mention Obama's penchant for subverting the Bill of Rights...folks, you should be worried.
* I am a public school teacher who has chosen not to join a union, because of this exact reason. I am telling you folks, go to your kids schools meet the teachers and let them know that you are not interested in indoctrination for your kids...just education.
* Mr. Obama's economic plans just don't add up, especially the whole "tax cut" thing. The media has allowed the Democrats to do this before, when they beat up on Dan Quayle and gave Bill Clinton a pass.
* The VP debate will be on tonight and just in time Human has come out with a voter guide, explaining the pitfalls of Joe Biden.
* Brilliant turn of the phrase from Ann Coulter.
* Homeless people again voting Democrat. Don't worry Chicago's mayor Daley has promised to yet again not allow the dead to be disenfranchised...

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