Wednesday, November 12, 2008


* The Constitution Party has it's best showing almost 25%! In Missouri, the Constitution Party was able to dislodge the Libertarian Party as the strongest third party in the state!
* I will drive to Washington and march hand in hand with the Catholic Church if it means stopping the Freedom of Choice Act. This is one we HAVE to fight...even if it means getting a little dirty.
* WWRD? What would Reagan do?
* Perhaps President Reagan would have joined Mr. Nugent in a bit of RINO hunting?
* Get rid of this corrupt clown quick.
* Camille Paglia may be a member of the vast left-wing conspiracy but boy, can she write! Another great article about Ms. Paglia's affinity for Governor Sarah Palin. It worries me when I agree more with a left wing feminist than I do with the once reasonable Peggy Noonan.
* The venerable Pat Buchanan argues for a return to Hamiltonian economic principles.
* Some positivity on our nation's immediate future.
* Has America lurched left? I think so, but we have been moving this way for the last 30-40 years.
* Howard Stern had it right when he switched party affiliation from Democrat to Republican...the Left is the party of censorship. We conservatives may hate the vitriol people like Howard Stern spew...but we will always allow them the opportunity to spew it.
* The MSM has dropped the ball on an obvious "hate crime". Now, I personally think hate crimes are an abomination to freedom of speech and thought...but I digress.
* Don't be fooled most Americans like socialism.
* Some perspective on a rough election year? How about "the fuller's soap"...
From Henry Payne

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