Monday, November 03, 2008

D-Day minus 1...trepidation.

* Andrew Breitbart is still a fan of President Bush.
* This is why the media should not run the debates.

The questions should be surprises for the candidates, and the candidates should be allowed to question each other. The debates that we have between our Presidential candidates are ridiculous, and superfluous. They are unnecessary and counter-productive. If the Main Stream Media wants to see a real debate, the format cannot be allowed to be produced by the candidates.
* The very BEST argument against Obama's tax policies, from a couple of real plumbers in Pittsburgh, PA. Is it truly "economic justice" to take from one group and give to another?
* Surprise, surprise...conservatives are more charitable than liberals. This is the point, right? Spread the wealth? Conservatives who are generally less well off (financially) than liberals, give more financially and of their time than liberals.
* A report on John McCain that any pro-life voter needs to read. Also, an interesting letter from a Libertarian Christian to her Republican voting Christian brothers and sisters...I don't necessarily agree with the author's views but appreciate the sentiment.
* Democrat lawmaker says "Let Russia invade Georgia!"
* The ultimate in nuance...Obama sure can wriggle.
* A President Obama is a leap to the left for the USA.
* America's last will and testament?
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