Friday, November 07, 2008

Operation Leper

*The recent spate of smears attacking Governor Palin is not coming from the Democrats but John McCain's campaign staffers. Well RedState has come up with a plan to help Governor Palin, Operation Leper is in full swing and you need to get involved. Here is more info from Michelle Malkin.
And from Campbell Brown:

* The Wall Street Journal has some advice for both Governor Palin and her GOP haters. And one feminist's argument to support Sarah Palin. Oh by the way, Oprah would love to have the Governor on her show, now that the election is over.
* Was compassionate conservatism a mistake? Perhaps just one of the many mistakes Republicans have made over the past eight years.
* This was my hope in supporting a 3rd Party in this recent election, that John McCain would lose, and that the Republican Party might wake up from their zombie-like socialist march. Maybe it worked?
" the Republicans must go down to their grass-roots, get in touch with their base and rebuild an opportunity to win national elections. Government has been bad for the party. It has sapped the party's soul and eroded its purity. But opposition, especially as a socialist like Obama wrestles with the practical problems of capitalism, will be a heady experience for the Republicans. The conservative movement can be reborn in opposition in a way they never could have been as the governing party."
* I am imploring my fellow Georgians to get out to the polls on December 2nd and cast their ballot for Saxby Chambliss. We cannot afford to allow the Democrat Party to inch there way closer to the magical 60 seat filibuster proof majority in the Senate. Not to mention, Saxby can be trusted to support the Fair Tax and generally side with conservatives on the major issues of the day (though his support for bailout saddened me).
* Did you realize that there is a movement to impeach President-elect Obama?
* Barack Obama and the post-racial delusion. The election of Barack Obama to the presidency showed no evidence of "the Bradley Effect" or any other bias from white voters...surprise, surprise. While there is racism in some corners of white America today, it's efficacy is vastly overstated. Most white Americans are not racists...and that's all there is to it.
* The President-elect has chosen a Washington-business-as-usual-politician to be his chief of much for the post-partisan delusion.

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