Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Supporting our President-elect.

At the end of election night I will admit to having found myself disappointed but oddly at peace (it could very well have been because of my dislike of John McCain as a Presidential candidate). I am also incredibly worried for Mr. Obama's supporters. Some of them have preposterous expectations of this man, and I fear they will be grievously hurt when he cannot meet all of their needs (and wants). But perhaps that is where we (as Christians) can step in and offer those folks a "peace that passes all understanding"?
I think the article that best explains how I feel is from talk show host Albert Mohler. I agree with Mr. Mohler, and I will completely support my new President-elect. I may not agree with most of the decisions he makes, but he will have my complete support. He has walked into the hardest job in the world, and he will have to face the most difficult problems he has ever faced...on day one. He deserves as many of my prayers as I can offer, and he will have them.

* Just to let you know....if you voted for John McCain in the primary Ann Coulter is hunting you down(and I might just let her know where you are).
* For the sake of right-wing balance, Michael Medved disagrees with Ann Coulter about a more conservative candidate's chances in this election.
After reading both of their articles, I completely understand and agree with both writers. However, I think Mr. Medved misses the greater point. The Republicans have been way OFF Message for the last few years, and this election was the culmination of that. The Republicans didn't lose this election with their choice of candidate but with their lack of answers and with their horrendous record over the last 2-3 years. President-elect Obama was a liberal Democrat who ran as a moderate Democrat and McCain is a moderate Republican who ran as a conservative Democrat. That is no choice at all...
The Republican Party lost this election back around 2005 when they stopped acting like Republicans and started acting like Democrats. The way to turn this 100 mile-per-hour bus ride to hell around, is by moving the new cast of conservatives into power. Bobby Jindal, Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, Mike Pence, John Shadegg (though he is older than the others), Jeff Flake, Tim Pawlenty and yes...Sarah Palin. Get rid of the RINO's and turn the party back over to the conservatives who have ideas and convictions.

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