Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My BIG secret.

I have a secret. It is buried deep in my philosophical soul. It is so far down, that it has been forced into hibernation to survive...but it's there. As often as I shout from the rooftops, "I am a CONSERVATIVE!", it still sits. My deep, dark secret? I am a proponent of the legalization of natural narcotics (ie. marijuana), and am not an opponent of gay marriage! I am a Constitutional Libertarian! !GASP! I know...I know. Please don't hate me, or stop reading my blog...(all 3 of you)...let me explain. I consider myself a paleo-conservative. I believe the Constitution to be the supreme law of the land, and feel that these issues are under the purview of each individual state (and their people) not the federal government. (This is also part of the reason I am an avid pro-life advocate...and believe that all Libertarians should be pro-life if they truly buy in to the Libertarian dogma) Now, I make my caveat. I generally find myself in arguments with people where I argue the opposite side (meaning I argue against gay marriage, or against the legalization of any drugs), mostly because I find liberals so stinkin' annoying! I cannot bear to agree with them on ANYTHING because of the way they defend their arguments, or justify their actions. What is happening in California and Michigan and other parts of the country is just more proof of the problem.
Dr. King Jr. had it right when he tried to change the hearts and minds of the American public. He did it peacefully, and graciously. Today's proponents of gay marriage (NOT ALL of them, mind you, just the vocal majority), are trying to force their agenda down the throat of the majority of Americans using terror, force, aggression, and hatred. The majority of the population in California voted to ban gay-marriage...but instead of talking calmly, and educating peacefully we (by we I mean other parts of the country) see the proponents of gay marriage in California marching, yelling, and aggressively promoting their cause. The difference between this and Dr. King's movement? The rhetoric. Dr. King spoke of "peace", "love", and "brotherhood". The gay marriage protesters? They shout in anger and rage about the small mindedness of others, about the hatefulness and homophobia of the masses, about the evil of conservatism, and the soullessness of America's churches. This isn't the way to win majority support...it's the way to spark violence and anger. Speak softly, speak clearly, speak logically, speak emotionally...don't incite your rivals to anger. Those of us in the middle detest your methods...and while we might be swayed to your cause...you push us away. I am conservative Christian who happens to believe homosexuality is sin...does that mean I would pass laws restricting your freedom to practice? No. Does that mean I would support measures to keep you from adopting? No. Does that mean I would support a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage? No......Not yet anyway.

How Mr. Obama got elected.

Great article about the above video from Hot Air.
* Those of you who support nationalized/universal/socialized healthcare...please stop. If we continue down the nationalized healthcare road, our model will most likely follow that of the UK...and here is a quick snapshot of how things are working out for them.
"The NHS (England's National Healthcare System) is getting to the point where it must choose between buying expensive drugs for terminally ill patients or providing more care to more people."
* Are you an idiot for continuing to pay your mortgage?
* The National Review Online defends itself against a NY Times hit piece. The media often does this to anyone who has ever agreed with George W. Bush on anything...
* The LA Times has just realized that President-elect Obama has a "thin resume"!


Metsfan8 said...

Lately I've been feeling the same way about gay marriage. We use so much energy and resources trying to defend "marriage", but then I ask myself, who are we to deny them? Or maybe I'm just tired of always arguing against this issue when really I don't care.....

The Rambler said...

It does get a little draining to argue a subject you don't really care about.