Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Conservative light?

* A light on "The Hill". A way out of the wilderness?
* The American people's treatment of President Bush is a travesty. I am one of those on the right who has been continually disappointed by this President's policies, but I believe that years from now he will be seen in a much more positive and perhaps even heroic light. What will you miss about President Bush?
* The world thinks that Americans made the right choice in electing Barack Obama. I cannot say I agree, but I sincerely hope they are right.
* Want to see the real moral compass of this country? Look at the ballot initiatives and how they fared. New limits on abortion failed across the country, while Washington has made it easier to commit euthanasia. In Colorado where Obama won a convincing victory, the voters decided that affirmative action was still necessary...?
* Michael Crichton has passed away at age 66. My favorite Crichton books had to be "Eaters of the Dead", "Congo", and "the Andromeda Strain" in that order.

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