Wednesday, November 19, 2008

(D) and (R)...both stand for socialism.

* Don't kid yourself, folks. Republicans are just as socialist as Democrats.
* Speaking of socialism....$4.3 trillion. That is the bill for the far. That is not even including a new auto bailout. $4.3 TRILLION...wrap your head around that.
* Mike Huckabee's new book rips the other Republican Presidential candidates and exposes Huckabee's true leanings. Take this as my "I told you so...", Mike Huckabee is not a movement conservative. He is a social conservative, but an economic populist. He is Huey Long redux, and he does not deserve any Republican support. You cannot trust this man with your paycheck or your liberties, send him back from whence he came (to Hope, Arkansas). In his book he also attacks my strain of Libertarian Conservatism...folks, hear me when I say...Libertarian Conservatism is true American conservatism.
* Oh, and Dr. Ron Paul is still against the bailout. And so is Fox News' Shephard Smith.

* A little follow up to the gay marriage debate from Michelle Malkin.
* Is President Bush trying to make up for lost time? Finally becoming a champion for pre-born life? It may be too late to make the real difference he could have, but at least this will slow President-elect Obama's mission to make abortion more widespread.
* The Seattle Mariners have made history by hiring Don Wakamatsu as their new manager. Coach Wakamatsu is the first Asian-American manager in Major League History.
* The Red Sox Dustin Pedroia won the American League MVP award, but it was not deserved.


Metsfan8 said...

I think as far as past MVP's are concerned, Pedroi doesn't fit the bill. But, he's a great baseball player, and......Ryan Howard is garbage.

The Rambler said...

Pedroia is a good ballplayer...but he is no MVP. Mauer, or Monreau, or Youkilis, or Hamilton, or Cliff Lee and K-Rod all had better numbers and equally compelling stories.
And yes, Ryan Howard is garbage.