Friday, November 14, 2008

The "real" America.

Newsmax Election Map
The above map just kind of put into perspective what the nation really thinks. So who really speaks for the "common man"?
* President Bush gave a speech warning against abandoning free-market seems a little too late for that, no? Now that our nation has spent more than a trillion dollars making private companies into public companies. We have long since abandoned our loyalty to the free-market system, and that is precisely why our economy has taken this latest tumble. Interventionist government policy has caused the crumbling of our nation's economic foundations, and I fear that our latest actions to salvage it have only caused more severe long-term damage.
* The Heritage Foundation adds up the numbers and explains how much the stimulus packages and the bailout will cost us...and this doesn't include the numbers on the next proposed bailout and stimulus packages.
* Apparently some Republican Governors are a little jealous of Sarah Palin. The thing that struck me most about this article was Tim Pawlenty's apparent rejection of a GOP return to conservatism and embracing of broadening the GOP's appeal to more groups. I don't mind reaching out to more groups (like my fellow Latino's, or blacks, or women, etc.) but we must not try and do that by changing our ideals and message. We reach out by answering the questions that they have with our conservative principles, for too long the Republican Party has allowed the Democrats to "seem" more in touch with the black community or to "seem" more able to help women meet their life goals. We don't have to stop being pro-life to reach out to more women, and we don't have to support affirmative action to reach out to the black community. We just have to learn to better express WHY our ideas (born from our values and beliefs) are better for them then the Democrats bankrupt ideas.
* Abstinence education works better...and there is proof in Africa.
* Milton Friedman could see the future.
* Who didn't see this coming? The Russians are waiting to pounce.
* France's "lurch to the left".

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