Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What happens tomorrow?

* I worry what happens if either of the major candidates wins. If John McCain pulls out the upset, then we may see riots across the country as Democrats charge that Republicans have suppressed the "true vote". There would probably also be cries to destroy the electoral college system, as I think that even if McCain wins, he will probably have lost the popular vote. If Barack Obama wins, I worry that once he takes office and his supporters realize that he is not deity incarnate, they will riot because their "hopes" were not met.
I am serious about the "deity incarnate" thing...

or maybe not deity but "a prophet" for sure...
* A last ditch post to show how the candidates really come down on the issue of the sanctity of life.
* Chris Matthews admits that Obamanomics is just more welfare.

* It may just be me, but I have a real fear about the rise of anti-Semitism in world today. The Middle East and North Africa are hotbeds of hatred against the Jews, but today we can palpably see Europe reviving their tradition of hatred of the Jews as well. My worry is that this election may also see a reversal of American support for the Jewish state...and I think anti-Semites around the world think that an Obama win will be a win for anti-Semitism. Hear me here, I am not saying that Barack Obama is an anti-Semite...I am saying that his policies may end up being anti-Semitic by default.

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