Wednesday, March 21, 2007


More Proof that the Liberal side in America is the real faction of HATE and VIOLENCE. How about these great pictures from an anti-war rally in Portland, OR. I'm sorry the site calls it a PEACE rally...these people make me want to vomit. In case you can't tell, the picture's above are of an American soldier being burned in effigy and the flag being burned. The pictures below are from Republican Congressman Mike Rogers office. This is the United States folks!! If you disagree with the left-winger's you get attacked, but they say we are the one's that limit the right to free speech!?!

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No Name said...

As a proud American, I will continue to disassociate myself with other so-called "Americans" who readily burn our sign of freedom. Unfortunately, as a nation of freedoms we must allow the ignorant to speak and protest. Though they should understand that the very flag they burn in protest is the same flag that stands for their freedoms to "assemble peacefully".