Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Hero for our time.

In an age when we are severly lacking of true heroes to look up to, one has been given to us. Lance Cpl. Jeremy Staat, a former defensive lineman for the Pittsburgh Steelers and St. Louis Rams is just the kind of athletic star we should be telling our children to look up to. Not the drug smoking, wife beating, strip club attending thugs that they look up to now. Here is a little of what he had to say recently:
"The way I look at it, we're spreading freedom, and you have to support the troops and you have to support the war," Staat, 29, told KITV in Honolulu on Tuesday as he prepared to leave from Hawaii. "You can't just tell some Marine who just lost his buddy that we supported you but not the war, because in that case you're basically saying that Marine, his buddy, just died for nothing. We're one team."

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