Thursday, March 22, 2007

More Violence from the Peaceniks!

It is the third time in two years that this army recruitment office in Milwaukee has had to replace their storefront windows. The police report also mentioned human excretement smeared on the office front. Pat Grobschmidt, public affairs officer for Army recruiting in Milwaukee, said "Soldiers defend the right of all Americans to peacefully express their point of their view. We're dismayed that their actions are anything but peaceful."
Why is anyone still suprised? American Liberals (including Democrats) have been working their hardest since the invasion of Iraq, to turn this war into another Vietnam. They compare the two conflicts constantly...there is no comparison except that the anti-war movement is just as deplorable, immoral, hateful, vengeful, spiteful, and just plain evil as they were back then. Soldiers coming home from Vietnam were forced to face the foulest of evils on their return from the battlefield...Americans spitting at them, cursing them, even beating them (like what happened in Canada two weeks ago).
We lost more than 57,000 American soldiers in Vietnam and did not free them from Communist control. In the last 5 years we have lost just over 3,000 soldiers and we have freed two countries from the clutches of violent dictatorships/oligarchies. Forget that this is a completely different conflict, forget that we have been much more successful in Iraq and Afghanistan, the worst part is that the left wants this to be a loss. Liberal America BEGS for our defeat, they are praying to the god of secular humanism that we bring our soldiers home with our collective tail between our legs. They would rather lose this war, allow millions of innocent people to be ruled by harsh and violent facists then to have us win and free these people from these facists...because then the Republicans would lose. This is the most damnable part of the whole thing, they just hate Republicans...

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