Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"The Greatest Game"

I haven't gotten to talk about it much but with only 12 days to go, I am sitting on pins and needles. You may find out in the next few months that I absolutely LOVE baseball and the New York Mets ...I know, I know...I seem smarter than that. I have had my heart broken more than a few times since the 1986 World Series, but I cannot get away from them. In 12 days the greatest league of the greatest sport that is played on this world will begin, the New York Mets will seek a little revenge from the St. Louis Cardinals for the NLCS last year. If you would like to check out a really good new baseball book, check out this site. The book is called "The Soul of Baseball" and it's written by Joe Posnanski. Very interesting book about Negro League star Buck O'Neil, who by the way, should be a Hall of Famer.


SDN said...

Go Braves! NL East Champs for 2007!

No Name said...

I heart the Mets!!