Thursday, August 28, 2008

Big, Bad Russia.

Well, I wanted to comment on some of this summer's happenings that I have not yet written about. Particularly, the Olympics and Russia's invasion of Georgia.
My wife and I got to enjoy a lot of the Olympic events over the 2+ weeks of activity, I think my favorite was probably men's water polo, men's volleyball, and men's beach volleyball...though women's beach volleyball was good too. Hate Olympic diving, and I think that it is a travesty that baseball/softball will be out of the next summer Olympics but Rhythmic gymnastics and speed walking will continue to be Olympic sports...are you kidding me! Micheal Phelps was brilliant, and Dalhausser and Rogers were a great volleyball pair. I felt horrible for the family of the men's volleyball coach, I could not imagine a greater range of emotions than he felt this summer. The Opening and Closing ceremonies were spectacular but though China tried its best it could not hide the evil that is communism behind its Olympic facade. Rick Reilly uncovers the two faced monster that is China.

Russia continues to flex its muscles on the world stage, and not in the Olympic weight lifter way. We found out during the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics that Russian and Georgian forces had met in combat. Within days Russia had taken half the small nation of Georgia and was threatening the capital of Tbilisi. A few reasons this whole thing was so disheartening...First, Georgia has been a staunch ally of ours during the war in Iraq/Afghanistan. Secondly, Georgia's government is democratically elected - so we have a kinship there that transcends being allies. Third, Georgia is a key component of lowering world oil prices (by allowing nations to pipe oil through Georgia into Europe instead of buying it from Russia). Fourth, Georgia is an important strategic ally in the building a missile defense shield.
The Russians government is not duly elected as recent "election" shams have proven. (Here's another good article about their recent rigged "election".) The government is an autocratic one, where the people have no say and much like Venezuela or Cuba dissenters are quieted by force. The real fear for me is that this could be the touch point for a new Cold War...or worse WW III. The Ukraine is terrified that Russia will soon be marching her armies through the Ukrainian countryside. Poland, Moldova, and the Czech Republic are all very worried too. Where there is smoke there is fire. The fact that so many countries are worried that they may be next should tell us something...we need to be very deliberate and circumspect over the next few days, weeks, months, and years as we deal with Russia.

* Apparently the demise of our economy was a little overstated.
* Not even China will back up the Russians.
* Nancy Pelosi should keep her yapper shut about things she know nothing about (though I guess she would never speak if that were the case).
* Police state in Denver?

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