Saturday, November 10, 2007

Media Bias?

I's been a while. However, there is a lot on my mind so I thought I would bring back the blog. So much has happend in the last few months, it's hard to know where to start. I think the obvious choice is to start with the Presidential race or the state of Congress...but I don't want to be obvious. Let's start with a bias in the Media.
Both sides of the aisles spend hours yelling at each other how the Main Stream Media is out to get them. For Hillary Clinton it's Tim Russert being unfair, for every Republican it's every member of the MSM except the guys at Fox News. For Big Nose Henry Waxman it is now the governments job to step in and make sure that our Radio Media has fair coverage...meaning that groups like Air America should be subsidized (because no one listens to them) and the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc. should be taken down a couple of pegs. I can completely foresee something like Title IX for radio. Where conservative programming is barred because there has to be an equal amount of liberal programming on the radio waves. Be looking out for a new wave of pirate radio, where Conservatives can be free of government mandates.
But I digress...
Here is an article about a recent Harvard study that Waxman and his lib buddies should put in their hookah and smoke it.
"Even Harvard finds the Media Biased".
I have to admit before this article came out I was one of those who did think that the MSM had a liberal bent to it. I also agree that the opinions expressed at Fox News are generally a little more conservative than fair (though I think they are more FAIR than the rest of the MSM). But after reading this article from that bastion of conservatism that is HARVARD...oh wait....they aren't conservative at Harvard. After reading the results of this study I am completely on board with the Media being pro-liberal.
If you are a liberal be aware this article could worry you...this is not anecdoatal evidence this is a complete summary of news stories presented by the MSM over period of 109 weeknights. I can just hear Henry Waxman crapping his pants over this article.

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