Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dr. Jerry Falwell

Sad and Happy news today. First, the sad part...Dr. Jerry Falwell passed away today. Dr. Falwell had a profound impact on my life, he was a wonderful, jovial, loving man who never ceased to amaze me with his heart for others. The rest of the world will probably remember him for his founding of the moral majority and his single handedly handing Ronald Reagan the presidency in 1981, or for what he had to say about the Teletubbies. I will remember him for always having a smile on his face, for teaching us (his students at Liberty University) to always love others, for never forgetting to present the Gospel when he had opportunity, and for always reaching out to those who were less fortunate or who hadn't yet heard the truth.
I remember once walking around campus with a friend we ran into Dr. Falwell, and he smiled at us, asked how we were, slapped me on the back (almost causing me to collapse...he was a strong man) and told us how the Lord loved us. Maybe thats not a big deal, but for a young kid like me, having a champion of the faith take time to say hello and encourage me was HUGE.
There are those who would disparage Dr. Falwell, but they did not know him and they obviously never listened to what he had to say. They only listened to what others (who did not agree with him) had to say about him. Dr. Falwell's message was always based in love and in a desire to see others come to know the Savior.
Thank you LORD, for allowing me to be impacted by the ministry of your servant Jerry Falwell.
I hurt with the family of Dr. Falwell, and am not ashamed to say that I loved him deeply as a brother in Christ and will miss his presence here with us.
But for the happy news...Dr. Falwell is now in glory, feeling no pain, and celebrating his homecoming with the Creator. We were made for what he now gets to experience for the rest of eternity...this is not our home we are just strangers passing through. Our citizenship is in Heaven.

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