Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mitt Romney for President in 2008

"A New England Democrat cannot win in the South." Truer words were never spoken. A New England Republican, however, is a different story. I am officially throwing my cap into Mitt Romney's ring. I haven't heard too much about him in recent months, but i think that the Republican Party would do well to not forget its conservative right wing. Instead of choosing Mayor Guiliani for its Presidential candidate, they should go with someone more conservative like Romney. I would also not mind seeing the former Speaker Newt Gingrich get back on his political horse and make a run for the nomination. He should be proof that not all politicians are "dirty" (he is a dirtbag for cheating on his wife), but at least he has the moral sense to step down from a position of authority after making a "moral" mistake. I think Guiliani would win the Presidential race handily if he was nominated by the GOP, but I don't think that should be the end all in deciding who will be your Partys candidate for an election. The GOP need to select someone who represent the greatest majority of her constituents. I think Mitt Romney fits that bill. He is pro-life, pro-family, anti-bigg-er government, and he has the New England credentials to appeal to a wide variety of people. He has done some amazing work over his one term as Governor of Massachusetts, and I think that people should recognize that. He is media savvy and his convictions are strong...anyway thats my bit. Here's hoping someone, somewhere is listening!
Sorry about the massive amount of time between posts! Peace.

BTW here are a couple of good sites to check out if you want to learn more about Mitt:

Gov. Romney: America's Strength is the American People

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