Monday, March 27, 2006


A friend of mine of a more liberal persuasion called me a "fascist" the other day (in jest of course...I think), and I laughed with him...but then I started to think about it (always a mistake). I don't vote Republican (any more) they are too liberal for "fascist" would probably be something that those who lean left would call me in an argument. However, I HATE fascism...about as much as I hate communism. There are differences between fascism and communism but at the most basic level aren't both all about complete government control?
So, wouldn't the true conservative be much closer to an anarchist than a fascist? I believe that people need law to be truly free...because once law is abandoned than some people may have the power to force their will upon others. So I am not completely against government regulation, some is warranted...
I use readings from Henry David Thoreau in my Government class from time to time, and I am always amazed at the clarity with which my students can understand what he is saying. The majority of the time they disagree out of hand because they have been indoctrinated to believe that we NEED government to control a large portion of our daily lives...But every now and again one of my more astute students will cut to the heart of the matter and disagree not because we NEED more government but because we need more freedom. I know it seems can you need to be more free than having no rules? Thoreau said "the Government which governs best governs least". I agree with that...if we are to have a society that interacts with each other some government is necessary, but some does not have to be a lot.
Generally, I lump the fascist and the communist next time those of you who lean left look to call a conservative a mean name like fascist, think about this, a fascist government controls EVERYTHING...we want government to control ALMOST NOTHING!

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