Saturday, February 18, 2006

Religion of peace?

"Eleven people were killed and an Italian consulate was burned in Libya on Friday night during protests to denounce the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed, sources in Libya said."
"Denmark is urging its citizens to leave Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation, citing a threat from an extremist group over the publication of drawings of Islam's Prophet Mohammed in a Danish newspaper."
"MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) -- Police fired in the air Monday to disperse stone-throwing protesters demonstrating over a cartoon deemed offensive to Islam, triggering a stampede in which a teenager was killed in northern Somalia."
"We are determined that they are punished. They should prepare themselves for whatever may happen," he said. "Those kinds of things are uttered by enemies of Islam and Muslims."
"DAMASCUS, Syria (CNN) -- Muslim demonstrators in Damascus torched the Norwegian Embassy and the building housing Denmark's embassy because newspapers in those countries published what the protesters consider blasphemous depictions of Islam's Prophet Mohammed."
"In Damascus, protesters set a bonfire outside Denmark's embassy, using chairs and furniture from its offices, and protesters clashed with police and shattered windows with stones. The building also houses the embassies of Sweden and Chile."
"JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Palestinian gunmen Thursday shut down the European Union's office in Gaza City, demanding an apology for German, French and Norwegian newspapers reprinting cartoons featuring the prophet Mohammad, Palestinian security sources said."
"A prominent Iranian newspaper says it is going to hold a competition for cartoons on the Holocaust to test whether the West will apply the principle of freedom of expression to the Nazi genocide against Jews as it did to the caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed."

Alright, maybe I am just an unwitting American boy who has no idea about what happens in the real world. But why does our President keep saying that Islam is a religion of peace? Or, that the extremists are the ones destroying this peaceful religion? It seems to me that the only place that Muslims who are extremists is not the norm, is here in the US. It seems like all over the rest of the world they are pretty extreme. Even in France, a nation of spineless oil-for-food embezzlers, these "peaceful" people riot.
It's not that I mind outrage. OUTRAGE is GOOD! We should get outraged at certain things, there is evil in this world and we should get very, very angry. BUT where is the outrage when an innocent reporter who may or may not agree with the country he/she is reporting for gets kidnapped and then has their head chopped off with a dull, rusty, machete? Where are the protesters, where are the marches? Where are the Mullahs with their fists in the air screaming that allah is good? I will tell you where they are...they are in front of their tv's saying, "Good, they got what's coming to them". I have known some good Muslims in my life, nice people with good manners and a steady responsible day job. They had happy families, and gave money to charity, and were supportive of us in Afghanistan. But they are NOT the norm. American Muslims are NOT the norm. Guys like John Walker-Lindh they are the norm, they train to kill Jews and anyone who supports them in little dirt camps in the Middle East and Africa...or in jungles in the far east...or maybe in cities in the United States. These "extremeists" are not extreme...they are the norm...the moderate...they are what Islam is really about.
Check out the history books.
Peace. No, really...peace.

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