Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Is it just me?

I am watching the Winter Olympics (and I love the Olympics) but weren't we just calling Torino, Turin? I am pretty sure that every time I had ever heard of this town before the Olympics we always called it Turin. The shroud of Turin which was in the town of Turin, Italy? While I am at it...why does Starbucks insist on calling small/medium/large -- tall/grande/venti? Before starbucks did anyone know what venti meant? And doesn't calling the small size tall count as false advertising? The first time I ordered a "tall" I was fairly ticked off that I had apparently just spent 5 bucks on a small coffee. Calling small, tall is like calling figure skating a sport. Which brings me to this...does this Johnny Weir (ice skater) freak not bother anyone else? The guy drives me crazy...he rambles worse than me. I don't even think he believes half the stuff he says. It sounds like he says stuff just for shock value, to tick people off. Guys like that should not be allowed to talk, they should just compete in their "sport" and not get a platform to speak about anything...other than what they are "competing" in.
So this is my first post ever...and I guess I'll write something more introductory the next time I post. Go USA!! Love those Olympics, man...

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Douglas said...

Yeah, I'm watching the winter Olympics, but I don't listen to those "athletes" comments afterwards. Really, I could listen to just about everything on NBC with the volume turned down.
Glad to hear you have a blog now. Maybe I'll post something when I get the time.
As far as Starbucks goes. Brew your own or just stop drinking that crap. Starbucks is almost as bad as that cafe those cubans drink. Just kidding brother.